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“BalticSeaberry” is the largest sea-buckthorn farmers and producers in Baltics. With over 7 years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality sea buckthorn products in the Baltics.

Our products

We offer both organic and conventionally grown sea buckthorn berries and the highest quality of Quince. The berries are grown by following the guidelines developed by the "BalticSeaberry", which ensures the quality of the finished products. Field inspections, fertilization, and other activities all follow a single system. Latvia is known for its quality berries because the varieties grown here have been selected to adapt to these conditions for 40 years.


In 2020 we have opened our brand new IQF Seabuckthorn processing & cleaning facility with cold storage chambers. We ensure the highest berry quality with Buhler Sortex FA1 machine, which is the only one in the Baltic States.


BalticSeaberry Company grows sea buckthorn berries and works with partners from across the world to bring you products that will help you to stay healthy for longer.

Meet Our Team

Our team cares about our customers

Agnis Vikmanis
Business Development

Rihards Iekļavs

Kārlis Vikmanis
Export and Sales

Liana Vikmane
Finance Director

Latvian Rural Development Program

SIA Baltic Seaberry with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Latvian Rural Development Program 2014-2020 measure “Investments in tangible assets” sub-measure “Support for investments in processing” co-financed project No. 18-00-A00400-000008 and project no. 19-00-A00400-000004 has built a berry processing plant.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Text: "More information on the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development is available on the European Commission's website"

Hyperlink: http://ec.europa.eu/ agriculture/rural-development-2014-2020/index_lv.htm

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If you are interested in Sea-buckthorn and Quince please contact us directly: sales@balticseaberry.com.