About us

Who are we

We are a family business that grows organic fruit and produces Seaberry and Quince products. Back in 2013, we planted first couple of hectares of Seaberry in our grandfather’s land. By now “Baltic Seaberry” is a leading high quality Seaberry producer in Baltics.

What we do

With a passion for Seaberry and Quince, we are managing effective farming, harvesting and processing of high quality cultivated varieties of Seaberry and Quince. Our gardens range into a total of 100 hectares with an annual harvest of over 500tn organic and conventional berries.

Our goal

Through years we have established a reputation for high quality products with a dedicated service for our customers. Our mission is delivering health benefits of this undisputable “super berry” to an even wider range of consumers. 

We start each day with a mission – to produce highest quality of Seaberry and Quince we can.