About us

What are we

We are a family business that grows, processes, and produces products from sea buckthorn and quinces with a love for nature. Back in 2013, when we started with just a couple of hectares of Sea-buckthorn and Quince we believed that one day Baltic SeaBerry will be No.1 Sea-buckthorn and Quince producer in Baltics.

What we do

With a passion for Sea Buckthorn and Quince, we are managing effectively farm, harvest, and process high quality cultivated varieties of Sea Buckthorn and Quince. Our gardens range into a total of 80 hectares with an annual harvest of BIO and conventional berries – about 150 tons.

Our goal

Through these years we have been establishing a reputation for high quality and providing significant benefits to our many customers. We start each day with only one goal – To produce the highest quality of Sea-buckthorn and Quince